We are beyond excited to finally announce our collaboration with Post Carbon Lab – a transdisciplinary design research studio at the forefront of Regenerative Sustainability Activism. We all hear about the fashion industry being a key contributor to global warming, but what if the fashion industry could actually help alleviate global warming? Surreal as it may sound, it could be possible. 

PCL founders Dian-Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert have developed a photosynthetic fabric coating that goes beyond any modern approach to sustainability. It’s not only eco-friendly or carbon neutral – it’s climate positive. Living microorganisms are weaved into the textile fibres of a piece of garment, meaning that the garment performs photosynthesis. The coating ultimately aims to make sustainability as easy and accessible as putting on clothes and commuting. Our goal is to boost the fashion industry and enter the new year with a fresh momentum by teaming up with different brands innovating in the field of sustainability. We are therefore partnering up with PCL to exhibit the photosynthetic coating on a custom-designed Nii HAi set. 

“The photosynthetic coating is essentially a growth process,” explains PCL founder Dian-Jen Lin. “Living microorganisms are weaved into the textile substrate of the garment, meaning the live organism is intertwined with the textile fibres. As they lie on the surface of the garment, these microorganisms can capture carbon dioxide from the air and emit fresh oxygen,” she adds.

The purpose of the photosynthetic coating is also to foster a different kind of relationship between people and their clothing, according to Dian-Jen Lin. “The garment coating comes with a specific care routine which is similar to that of an air plant. Firstly, it requires light; moderate light is sufficient. The garment also needs to be kept in a well-ventilated place – it needs fresh air. And finally, it requires moisture.”

“Treated garments don’t necessarily need to be watered weekly like a house plant, but they do require sufficient air moisture. Moisture can easily be provided for by hanging the garment in the bathroom after you take a shower. Alternatively, one can also spritz the garment with water,” adds Lin. 

Besides creating a custom piece with Post Carbon Lab to exhibit and test the photosynthetic coating, we will be dropping the PCL x Nii HAi set featured in our collaboration video on Made of 100% organic cotton, the set will not feature the photosynthetic coating since it’s still in its piloting phase. Instead, 50% of the profits will be donated to PCL to advance the development of this incredible garment coating. Our goal is to eventually launch a photosynthesising piece which will be available to you all. But until that’s possible, we support innovation wherever we can – by educating ourselves, by helping advance those projects we believe can make a change, and by providing a platform for those already making strides in the field of sustainable fashion.

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