Rosie Williams is a British designer/entrepreneur raised on the island of Mallorca. After finishing her law degree, she moves to London and in 2019 founds Nii HAi. Taking inspiration from the significant changes going on in her life: the contrast between the peaceful way of life on the island and the hustle and bustle of the London lifestyle.


The launch of Nii HAi’s first collection was given a warm welcome which resulted in the collaboration of many London-based models, photographers and creatives. This gave place to a Nii HAi community characterised by its far from the conventional new take on femininity and a trait which really identifies the brand today.


Nii HAi is the balance between multifunctional design and sensuality.

Nii HAi is innovation: the creator always looking ahead to the next project 

Nii HAi is the consistency in the journey towards your goals.

Nii HAi is the uniform of the women of the future.