Angels, it’s time to act on our duty to give back. We have been looking for new ways to foster a more sustainable future in fashion and are thrilled to announce that we will be launching a new initiative throughout December centred on giving back – to the planet, to the future and to you. Sustainability is a hotly debated issue within the fashion industry, yet it remains a widely undefined concept which every brand interprets in their own way. For us, sustainability is about innovation, and it’s an ongoing exploration of how we can uphold and nurture the fashion industry as a whole. Ultimately, it’s about supporting the free and creative expression of oneself through fashion in a way that will nourish not starve the planet from its resources. 

First of all, we are pleased to introduce new Nii HAi packaging, featuring mailing bags made from recycled materials, our brand-new boxes and tissue paper. Everything is fully recyclable, so please make sure to put it to good use or dispose of it responsibly.

 Starting out by adopting more ethical practices through the use of recyclable packaging, we are also working with a new courier going forward. Having been carbon neutral since 2012, DPD – whose DriveChange™ green policy is committed to not only reducing but fully offsetting their transport and energy consumption – will now be delivering your purchases. As part of its carbon neutral commitment, DPD is upgrading its fleet with electric vehicles and cargo bikes to collect and deliver parcels. With at least 139 electric vehicles already deployed across the UK, DPD UK intends for 10% of its fleet to be electric by 2021.

Just last year, DPD UK won the Green Apple Award for best environmental practices thanks to its achievements in reducing CO2 emissions, so we are grateful to be able to deliver your Nii HAi with a good conscience. It’s a small step for a smaller carbon footprint.  

Our new Nii HAi business cards, made from biodegradable seed paper. Simply soak the paper in water and watch it flourish.