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We are beyond excited to finally announce our collaboration with Post Carbon Lab – a transdisciplinary design research studio at the forefront of Regenerative Sustainability Activism. We all hear about the fashion industry being a key contributor to global warming, but what if the fashion industry could actually help alleviate global warming? Surreal as it may sound, it could be possible.  PCL founders Dian-Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert have developed a photosynthetic fabric coating that goes beyond any modern approach to sustainability. It’s not only eco-friendly or carbon neutral – it’s climate positive. Living microorganisms are weaved into the textile fibres of a piece of garment, meaning that the garment performs photosynthesis. The coating ultimately aims to make sustainability as easy...

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Angels, it’s time to act on our duty to give back. We have been looking for new ways to foster a more sustainable future in fashion and are thrilled to announce that we will be launching a new initiative throughout December centred on giving back – to the planet, to the future and to you. Sustainability is a hotly debated issue within the fashion industry, yet it remains a widely undefined concept which every brand interprets in their own way. For us, sustainability is about innovation, and it’s an ongoing exploration of how we can uphold and nurture the fashion industry as a whole. Ultimately, it’s about supporting the free and creative expression of oneself through fashion in a way...

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